These Pandemic Holidays Will Be the Best Ever

Yes, they will. Yes, they will. Yes, they will. Is this power of suggestion? Maybe, on some level, it is. But is it also what I truly believe? Absolutely.

For all those suffering from isolation right now, I have to make an early apology and get it over with. I actually enjoy being alone. There, I said it. So, I’m pretty confident these holidays will bring me joy and comfort, instead of taking them away from me. As it has been known to happen in the past years.

I dreaded having to visit my family in December last year, as we all knew how 2020 was going to start for me — with a divorce. Nobody wants the pity looks, the We are worried about you looks, the What the hell is wrong with you looks. Well, you know what? I’m not gonna have them this year! I might as well pop up a bottle of champagne and drink to that right now, but I’m on a diet. On a ‘This pandemic turned me into a cow’ kind of diet. Oh well, win some, lose some.

But enough about the ghosts of holidays past.

What I Am Grateful for This Thanksgiving

  • Having my first Thanksgiving ever (since I am not American). I think a global health crisis is the best period to reflect on what we should all be grateful for in our lives. It is such a heartwarming exercise that I am now undergoing for the first time… I might be hiding it under a layer of goofiness, but it is, it really is uplifting.
  • Having a wonderful, supportive, special someone by my side (who is American, hence the Thanksgiving). And a cat with slightly different attributes. Okay, mad cat from hell with a dash of sugar and fluff. Who just woke me up. At 3 am. But hey, I am writing this due to her, aren’t I?
  • Grocery shopping online. I don’t think I can thank this pandemic enough for bringing online grocery shopping into my life. No more pushing carts, no more heavy bags, no more sweats, no more getting mad at people for being rude and loud. And definitely no more impromptu lobotomies performed to Last Christmas, Wonderful Christmas Time, and All I Want for Christmas Is You in aisle 4.
  • Keeping my sense of humor through such difficult times. I mean, if you take that coping mechanism away from me, what do I have left? Besides a wonderful special someone and a mad cat, of course.
  • Being alive and healthy, as are my family and my close friends. Maybe the pandemic anxiety has aged me 10 times faster. Or maybe I am simply getting old due to natural causes, like having had too many birthdays already. Either way, I am thankful for health more than for any material gift. Like, off the top of my head, an apartment in Barcelona. Overlooking, say, Sagrada Familia. With an endless supply of salted caramel, chocolate, white flowers, and a Nobel prize in literature. HEALTH.

How I Imagine Christmas 2020 Will Be

Not too cold, not too warm. A blanket of white snow covering all the filth of this city.

Two people that love each other beyond words. A sweet, moody cat filled with the fish of her liking. Good food, good music, good wine.

Calling family and telling them how much we miss them and how we wish them all the best in the world.

Dreaming of better times ahead and planning on how to make them happen.

I am good. I will have the best holidays ever. During a global pandemic.

Is there anything else I should be looking forward to? Besides 2021. Cheers!

Freelance copywriter, translator, cat lover. Anxiety & depression fighter. Couch potato. Poet. Joker.

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