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Freelance copywriter, translator, cat lover. Anxiety & depression fighter. Couch potato. Poet. Joker.


Freelance copywriter, translator, cat lover (photo inside). Anxiety & depression fighter. Couch potato. Poet. Joker.

I believe in art in all its forms.
I believe in artists coming together to create something greater than them.
I support contemporary artists however I can.

This is your all-time TOP 10 (updated on July 14, 2021):

How to boost your business with effective limited editions, no matter what you’re selling

Vintage-looking icons on dark yellow background. Icon texts are about limited editions, special editions, premium quality, exclusive designs
Image by —

I was never much of an M&Ms fan.

I’d gladly eat them if offered, but they would never make it to my shopping list. Until one day a few years ago, when I spotted a salted caramel limited edition in a local store.

I grabbed a bag, enjoyed it to the moon and back, and went on buying all the salted caramel M&Ms I could find in the following days. This scavenger hunt must have lasted two, maybe three weeks tops, and then there were none.

I haven’t been converted to buying regular M&Ms, but I do look towards their…

Key takeaways from the 2021 book with the same title, by Drew Ramsey, MD

Leafy greens, a rainbow of vegetables, seafood on ice, nuts and seeds, pieces of chocolate
Collage by author, original images from Unsplash

A psychiatrist dubbing as a farmer. Co-author of The Happiness Diet.

A firm believer that depression and anxiety can be treated with dietary changes, in addition to the more traditional talks and medications.

In 2021, Drew Ramsey decided to publish another title focusing on foods that help our brain cope with stress, depression, and anxiety, these plagues of the modern world that the Covid-19 pandemic only exacerbated.

The book serves as a guide for identifying the right foods for you and your mental health, and how making small dietary changes can have a significant impact on your well-being in just…

Lifestyle drugs, misleading ads, concealed side effects… Where is the ethical marketing the pharma industry needs?

Multiple pills in a container
Photo by Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition on Unsplash

It started out as a much-needed birth control method back in 1960.

Funded by women for women, this healthcare product has been transformed over the past decades into a lifestyle drug.

The term ‘lifestyle drug’ is generally used to describe medications for “non–life-threatening and non-painful conditions such as baldness, wrinkles, erectile dysfunction, or acne” [1]. Basically, people taking them perceive their issue as minor medical conditions — or even non-medical altogether.

But this transformation of ‘the pill’ from a healthcare product to a lifestyle drug had little to do with scientific research. …

Tap into new strategies that can help your business grow

Illustration of people in front of charts, laptops, screens
Image created by macrovector —

Think of the marketing strategy as the line between success and failure.

Success depends on understanding your target audience and catering to their needs through the marketing strategy that you find most appropriate.

Here are some lesser-known types of marketing that you can harness to make your business stand out and become profitable:

Left-Brain Marketing

Logical, organized, practical. When targeting left-brain people, marketing values shift from creativity to analytics. This is why left-brain marketing often intertwines with analytical, informational, and technical marketing.

It puts less emphasis on emotional responses and motivation towards taking a certain action. Instead, left-brain marketing takes a rational…

Disruptive technologies make excellent guerrilla marketing, but what else is there?

Five drone silhouettes in the sky at sunset
Image by Marco Verch, licensed under CC 2.0

What do drones and QR codes have in common?

The most recent guerilla marketing event in Shanghai.

To celebrate one year of the Princess Connect! Re: Dive RPG in China, video sharing website Bilibili held a jaw-dropping light drone show that took over the Shanghai waterfront night sky on April 17.

In short, over 1,500 drones were deployed to animate the iconic game characters, ending the performance with a huge and perfectly scannable QR code, which led to downloading the game.

Awe to appallment, many publications linked this performance to the ad-saturated, consumerist environment in Blade Runner, forgetting perhaps that…

Climate change will become a bigger issue. How will your brand adapt?

Illustration for Mother Earth Day — A girl with green hair hugging the planet
Nature vector created by freepik

Electric cars. Organic cotton. Solar panels.

These eco-friendly products now have enough awareness to be considered part of everyday life. Just yesterday, at the World Car Awards for 2021, we saw the top two positions being filled by electric models: Volkswagen ID.4 and Honda e.

But you don’t have to own a car brand, a fashion brand, or an energy-related company, to ride the wave of sustainability. Reusable or recyclable packaging, for instance, can find a purpose almost anywhere.

Demand for green products is on the rise and it will keep going up.

That is largely thanks to younger generations…

You snooze, you lose. You snore… you should fix it, and get checked for sleep apnea.

Photo created by wayhomestudio — — Altered by the author in Canva

With about 57% of men, 40% of women, and 10–12% of children snoring out there, no wonder we take it very lightly.

What usually bothers us about it is when others snore and perturb our sleep. However, snoring is also a symptom that can indicate a more serious underlying medical condition and as such should not be ignored.

Over 21 million Americans have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) and, while more common after turning 40, it affects people of all ages. This estimate is based on about 80% of moderate and severe cases being undiagnosed!

So, are you in trouble or…

2021 Marketing Trends: Digital storytelling has become a staple. Do you know the ropes?

Illustration of people sitting around a fire, talking. In the background is binary code.
Digital storytelling — by pch.vector —

Marketing. PR. Advertising. What do they all have in common? They want to sell. What else? They benefit from a good story. And that story sells.

Have you ever wondered why TED talks are recorded in front of an audience? It’s the person-to-person transmission of a story that gives it added value, emotion, authenticity. If you want to sell, you must serve that value, emotion, and authenticity to your customers.

Why is this valid in 2021 more than ever? People are hurt, estranged, and assaulted with information and sales pitches from all directions. People are tired, disillusioned, and they need…

It greatly improved my professional and personal relationships.

Photo by wayhomestudio —

Behind every confident man, there’s a woman waiting to prove him wrong. And then, there’s Google.

I used to find it very hard to admit my mistakes. Just like I found it hard to ask others for help.

Not being good at something straight away made me quit early on rather than try to get better. I was a failure hater and like most failure haters I was reluctant to change, constantly filled with self-doubt, and I would start projects without finishing them.

Did you know that 31% of failure haters suffer from Impostor Syndrome, while a staggering 51% don’t…

Amelia Devall

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